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Booby Pack

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Booby Stickers for a nipple-positive world. High-quality vinyl stickers available in diverse skin tones. Water and bullshit resistant. Made to last, yet easy to peel off. Perfect for the decoration of notebooks, laptops, water bottles, travel mugs, furniture, cars, bikes… wherever tickles your fancy, really. Size: 20 x 10 cm sheet; 8 stickers 3,5 x 3,8 mm. Designed in Amsterdam. 

Support the #FreeTheNipple movement - let female nipple shame soon be bygone history. Don’t let anyone humiliate you for what’s an inseparable part of you from birth. Release your chest from a stigmatized bra’d up existence. Let the booby stickers be your perky companions. Stick them everywhere and spread the love around! Say yes to topless equality. Say no to gender bias and double standards.

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